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Franklin Wheeler Young Autobiography Book

Nominated for 4 Mormon History Association Awards

  • Best Book
  • Best First Book
  • Best Documentary Editing
  • Best Personal History / Memoir

Publication of the Lost Manuscript

I have faithfully transcribed Franklin Young's letters in their entirety, correcting a relatively few spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Over the years, I have edited several books written by university professors with PhD's. On average, these learned men made about three times the number of manuscript errors as Franklin Young did with his self-taught writing skills. And his beautiful penmanship surpasses them all.

To improve readability, I divided the rather lengthy fifth letter into chapters, provided chapter titles and descriptive headings, and inserted informative footnotes with web links.

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Cover art of Franklin Wheeler Young's manuscript autobiography.
Cover art of Franklin Wheeler Young's manuscript autobiography. Source: Ronald Bodtcher

The Art

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