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Franklin Wheeler Young Website Overview
Our Mission

This year, 175 years after the birth of Franklin Wheeler Young on February 17, 1839, is completing a major launch. The site's mission is simple: to tell the story of Franklin Wheeler Young, his lost manuscript autobiography and the Wandering Boulder of Capitol Reef and their rediscovery in 2010 by amateur archaeologist and historian Ronald Bodtcher.

The site's main function is the free Franklin Wheeler Young search engine or "Manuscript Finder." Visitors can search for answers questions about the boulder or find out how to visit the boulder. Each section of the Franklin Wheeler Young website describes in detail a scientific or historical aspect of the manuscript and the boulder.

Our History

The Wandering Boulder of Capitol Reef was first documented and photographed by amateur archaeologist Noel Morss in 1928. It was rediscovered by amateur archaeologist Ronald Bodtcher in 2010 after it was missing for more than 50 years. The Franklin Wheeler Young website to provide public access to previously unpublished histories, journals, photographs and other detailed information about Franklin Wheeler Young.

Prior to the launch of and, persons wanting help and information about Franklin Wheeler Young, his manuscript or his initials on the boulder had to spend hours and days, searching through a confusing web of sites, often unsuccessfully. National Park materials on the subject were (and still are) inaccurate and incomplete. There was no easy-to-use, single source of information to help everyone understand the origins and significance of Franklin Wheeler Young, his manuscript autobiography or the boulder.

With the advent of Franklin Wheeler Young's and Wandering Boulder's free help and information, people are able to quickly and successfully find the information they want to get the help they need.

Our Management and Partners organizes and links to websites and organizations that provide information to individuals who are serious students and researchers. We are continuously expanding and improving our value to citizens and non-profit agencies, saving taxpayer money while improving the dissemination of accurate information.

Are you a Franklin Wheeler Young Advocate or Partner, or are you interested in becoming one? Please visit the Wandering Boulder Help Community page for additional information about linking to the website.

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